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SummitRUN Board Game




New Trivia

Game all about

Latin America




Designed by a language teacher, SummitRUN builds cultural awareness, reinforces Spanish language skills, encourages strategic thinking and provides hours of fun.  As low as $17.84 US.  School purchase orders welcome.


SummitRUN is an ideal board game for family game night, Spanish clubs, Spanish social groups and Spanish language students from beginner to college.


Over 800 trivia questions test players’ knowledge on the food,  politics, history, geography and traditions of the different cultures that make up Latin America.


Trivia questions come in four skill levels: easy questions for those just learning Spanish; intermediate questions for high school Spanish learners; advanced questions for native speakers and university Spanish students; and expert questions in English for non-Spanish speakers and trivia show-offs.


If you know the name of the river that separates Texas from Mexico or which Latin American country was the first to give its students laptop computers or who is the current head of state for Puerto Rico then you’re ready to play SummitRUN.


Unlike other trivia board games, SummitRUN is a fast-paced race where players contend with dense rainforest, secret passages, dark tunnels and natural disasters in their quest to reach the summit of the towering Mayan temple. A player only advances toward the summit after successfully answering a trivia question.


SummitRUN Bird FlyingGame Contents

1 game board
1 die
6 pawns
24 trivia sheets/216 cards / 864 questions
6 Obstacle tokens
24 Help tokens
10 Temple Puzzle pieces
6 Natural Disaster cards
English Rules
Spanish Rules (reglas en español)


SummitRUN Bird FlyingHow to Play

SummitRUN ingeniously combines lively and interesting trivia questions about Latin America with an exciting race 

 that demands strategic thinking, planning and daring.


SummitRUN Help Tokens

Help Tokens

Dominating the lively jungle scene is a grand Mayan temple. Six challenging routes lead to the temple’s summit. Scattered along each route are Help* icons such as machetes and ropes that a player must possess in order to advance. These are earned when a player correctly answers a trivia question.


Watch out for hurricane symbols* on the board that trigger natural disasters* such as earthquakes and landslides.  If that weren’t enough, players receive a free Obstacle* token, perhaps a jaguar or a poisonous snake, that can be used to halt a rival’s progress toward the summit.


Before any player can enter the temple, all 10 pieces of the Temple Puzzle* must be in place on the board. Players work co-operatively to accomplish this. Puzzle pieces are earned when a player successfully answers a trivia question.  When the temple puzzle is complete, the final push to the summit begins.


SummitRUN Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

SummitRUN Puzzle


SummitRUN obstacles at



SummitRUN Bird FlyingTrivia Questions

  • Over 800 trivia questions on topics ranging from geography to art, from cuisine to pop culture, in four skill-levels:

Green Trivia Questions: Easy. Multiple choice. For middle school students. Written in English and Spanish.
Red Trivia Questions: Intermediate. Multiple choice. For junior high students. Written mostly in Spanish.
Blue Trivia Questions: Advanced. Some multiple-choice. For senior high school and college students and native speakers. Written entirely in Spanish.
Orange Bonus Questions: Difficult. Written in English for trivia show-offs and English-only speakers.


SummitRUN Trivia Sheet Examples

Trivia Sheet Example

SummitRUN Trivia Sheet Examples

Trivia Sheet Example



SummitRUN Bird FlyingKick Up the Excitement: Bumping and Challenging

SummitRUN Sun

Bumping: After the game has been played a few times, more advanced players can kick up the excitement by adding bumping which allows a player to send a difficult question over to a rival to answer. See the rules* for more details.


Challenging: In this case, players can challenge the answer of a rival to win or lose Help items.  See the rules* for more details.


SummitRUN Bird FlyingShorten the Game

SummitRUN Sun

  • Eliminate the temple puzzle.
  • Ignore the hurricane symbols on the board.
  • Eliminate the obstacle tokens.
  • Ignore the Help icons on the board.

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